Lisa Monas - Artist Spotlight Series - Iness Kaplun

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Artist Spotlight - Iness Kaplun

Artist Spotlight - Iness Kaplun
Lisa Monas Artist Spotlight Series - Iness Kaplun Q&A

1. Where were you born and where do you currently live?

I was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Currently I live and work in New York City.

2. How would you describe your art style?

I describe my art style is Feminine Pop Art. For my style, I generally combine elements of Pop Art and bright colors; I call them my positive colors. I fill my paintings with love, joy and happiness. I use hearts and love words to make my art positive, filled with happiness and love. For my paintings I mostly use three colors, blue, yellow and pink. Blue is the color of happiness, Pink is one of love, and yellow represents positivity. Combining these colors together, with positive message and a touch of irony is what makes my art style. I want to deliver a positive message through my art to the viewers.

3. What mediums do you enjoy working with most?

I enjoy working and creating my art with mixed media/collage made of newspaper, magazines, comics and paint. The theme which I use is based on the reality in an ironic interpretation. I admire female art body; it is a perfect artistic form and is an endless inspiration for any artist. Female body, lips and heels are commonly reflected in my art.

4. What is your creative process like?

My creative process begins with imagining and visualizing an idea in my head, sketching it on the canvas, and then searching for the right materials to support the idea (e.g., newspapers, articles, pictures, books and magazines). Once I collect all the parts, I work on creating a collage and adding paint if needed. The last step of the process is to apply epoxy resin that gives my art a beautiful, glossy, finished look.

5. What are your biggest influences?

My life and the people, places, music, movies, books and social media are my biggest inspiration. They inspire and influence me to paint and bring new ideas and future projects.

My biggest influence in Pop Art is my favorite artist Andy Warhol and his extremely contemporary point of view.

I also follow and admire very talented artist Romero Britto, with his bold colors and positive message. When I think of the influence on my art style, these two artists are the ones who have helped me to find my artistic way and build my art style.

6. If you could have an hour lunch with any artist, past or present, who would it be and why?

If I could have an hour lunch with any artist, I would have loved to have it with Monet. Possibly because I share a similar view and philosophy about art. One of his best quotes is “Everyone discusses my art and pretends to understand, as if it were necessary to understand, when it is simply necessary to love.” I completely agree with it, art should just bring joy and love into our lives.

7. Fill in the blanks, I am a lover of _____, _____, and _____.

New York city and jazz music!

8. What would you be doing right now if you weren't making art?

When I'm not making art I like to look for inspiration by going to an art gallery, theater, a Broadway show, an opera or a jazz bar.

9. Where would we find you on a typical Friday night? What would you be doing?

Typically, on Fridays I either spend time with my friends and family, or you can find me in my studio working on a new piece, having an art class with kids, or having art and wine event for adults. I also participate in art shows and show my paintings in Chelsea galleries and the Museum of Russian Art (MORA).

10. What is one message you want to give to your fans?

One message that I want to give to my fans is that art should bring happiness and love and provoke our imagination. Please follow me on Instagram @Iness_Kaplun and visit my website to see my latest original work.


Thanks for reading! For more of Iness Kaplun's art, visit her full canvas print collection at Lisa Monas here. Also, follower her on social media @Iness_Kaplun.


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