Lisa Monas - Artist Spotlight Series - Chiara Magni

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Artist Spotlight Series - Meet Chiara Magni

Artist Spotlight Series - Meet Chiara Magni
Lisa Monas Artist Spotlight Series - Chiara Magni Q&A

1. Where were you born and where do you currently live?

I was born and still live in Italy. I live in the north of Italy, by Lake Garda. It is a really amazing place and a great source of inspiration for my art.

2. How would you describe your art style? fine arts everything that has to do with Impressionism and all its branches is absolutely my thing. I define my style as modern Impressionism with a bit of fantasy and a pinch of abstract.

3. What mediums do you enjoy working with most?

Absolutely always and only oil paint finger painted on canvas! Oil is to me the best medium. It is alive, it is the only way to create a very textured painting, and it lasts forever. I specialize in finger painting. It means that I apply the paint only using my fingers. It is not very common and not so easy but it can be very very relaxing and satisfying.

4. What is your creative process like?

It depends if you are asking what is the process once I am ready to begin the canvas or if you want to know what happens in my mind too.

Anyhow, I have a sort of instinct or intuition that tells me what subject to choose. I think it over and create a picture in my mind, then I will do sketches either traditionally or digitally. This can be a very long and exhaustive process, but it is very important as it allows me to try many compositions, different colors palettes, etcetera, and at this stage I can see everything that could go wrong on the canvas in order to avoid it.   

I always prime my canvas with acrylics. Any color will do and it doesn't make a difference. Even black can work for priming, because at the end, the painting will be entirely covered in a lot of paint anyways!

Once the canvas is primed, depending on how complex the subject is, I’ll do a sketch or sometimes do outlines with oils and with my fingers. Or if I need to get finer details I use soft pastels or a small brush with acrylics, it really depends.

Then the fun begins! I don't have a set sequence to follow. Sometimes I begin from the background, sometimes from the main subject, sometimes from the most boring parts sometimes from the most exciting...Well, if I’m being honest I cannot remember a boring part in any of my paintings...  

I keep colored prints of my digitals sketch to use as reference while I paint even if I add a lot of details and imagination that are not quite part of the planned sketch. This is one of the most exciting parts - letting the imagination freely flow while creating.  I try to get as much as possible done in a few consecutive days of works however the majority of times I need to work in layers, so I’ll wait a few weeks for the painting to dry and then do a second layer adding details.

5. If you could have an hour lunch with any artist, past or present, who would it be and why?

A one hour lunch will not be enough. Something like a month would be more appropriate. Well, Van Gogh to try to help him with his inner demons, Dalì to try to absorb all his craziness, and Leonardo da Vinci to have a chance to talk with a real genius.

6. Fill in the blanks, I am a lover of _____, _____, and _____.

Cats, NuMetal, and coffee. Too common? Maybe...=)

7. What is a fun, little known fact, that you would like to share?

I am slightly myopic and astigmatic but I refuse to wear glasses because I always feel like in a large and 3D impressionistic painting.

8. What is one message you want to give to your fans?

I believe in the healing power of art. My paintings are done to make people happy and joyful. It is already a very hard world out there, unfortunately there are many reasons to be sad and angry, so I believe that sometimes looking at a painting and feeling a bit better it is something very much needed.


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