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5 Wall Art Décor Ideas

5 Wall Art Décor Ideas

Art has a powerful ability to transform a room. In this blog, we provide a list of 5 wall art décor ideas to give your living space an uplifting interior design makeover.

1. Create a Gallery Wall

Gallery Wall Art

Don’t feel limited to just one art piece per wall. A great way to bring style and personality to any room is by arranging a collection of art. Pairing art side by side or creating a gallery wall can make a room come alive. And best of all, it is just a really fun way to make a very personal statement in your home. When selecting pieces, think about the feeling you want to create.  Consider an eclectic grouping, or arranging art in a grid format for a cleaner, more formal look.

2. Go Big with Large Canvas Art

Large canvas wall art

Have one piece that you just love? Don’t shy away from size. Large art done tastefully can make a big impact! Large wall art has the potential to make smaller rooms look larger. A bold piece can be a great conversation starter. It can also set the vibe of an entire room.  

3. Hang Art at Eye Level

Hang canvas wall art at eye level

As a rule of thumb, try to hang all wall art at eye level. A decent proxy is to align the center of the art 60 inches from the ground. One exception can be when hanging art over furniture like a sofa. In this case, consider hanging art so that the bottom edge is 6 to 10 inches above the top of the furniture.

4. Consider How the Art Relates to the Entire Room

Home Wall Art Decorating Ideas

Look for ways to tie the room together when choosing an art piece and where to hang it. Take note of the colors in the room including the floor, rug, curtains, furniture, and other décor. Pick a piece that complements these colors. Consider the position of furniture and where people generally sit or stand in the room. Select a location for the art where it can be enjoyed best, or even consider arranging furniture around the art itself.

5. Pick Art You Love

Home Decor Inspiration Wall Art Ideas

This is obvious, but true. Artwork is a very personal choice. Pick something you love and that inspires you.  Don’t shy away from something bold and take this as an opportunity to showcase your creative side.


Art has a powerful ability to transform a room. Consider these 5 wall art décor ideas when considering your next interior design makeover: 1) Create a Gallery Wall 2) Go Big with Large Canvas Art 3) Hang Art at Eye Level 4) Consider How the Art Relates to the Entire Room and 5) Pick Art You Love.



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